Aries Weekly Horoscope

Jan 2, 2023 – Jan 8, 2023 – Whoa, Aries! You’re starting the year looking for a cuffing season partner when Venus enters Aquarius on Monday, moving into your social zone. If you’re single, download those dating apps and get ready to meet your match. It’s also a time of windfalls, making new friends, and helping others when you can.

It’s all about who you know when Venus sextiles Jupiter in your sign on Wednesday. Use your social connections to help you get ahead in all aspects of your life. Charm some allies into supporting your quest for success this year.

However, after all that wheeling and dealing, you’ll prefer to spend the weekend at home during the full moon in Cancer and your family zone on Friday. This is a great time to deal with any pressing domestic issues and find emotional security in your important relationships, including the one you have with yourself.

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