Aries Weekly Horoscope

Feb 6, 2023 – Feb 12, 2023 – You’re dedicated to becoming your best self this month when Vesta enters your sign on Wednesday. This week starts a new chapter in your life, so focus your energy on leveling up your appearance and learning some new manners that can help you stand out. Just don’t forget to have fun!

This new and improved you can really boost your reputation when Mercury conjoins Pluto in your public image zone on Friday. Your words hold power today, so use them to your advantage. It’s a great day for posting on social media and getting your name out there.

End the week on a social note when Mercury enters Aquarius on Saturday, moving into your friendship zone. The next couple weeks are ideal for making important connections with unique individuals. Whether you meet them in real life or online, Aries, get connected with new people and expand your circle.

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