Aries Weekly Horoscope

Jul 24, 2023 – Jul 30, 2023 – You’re feeling extra creative this week when Mercury conjoins Venus in your pleasure zone on Thursday. Even with the Venus retrograde, this is a great day for flirting, working on creative projects, or charming a date. Just remember to keep things casual, Aries.

Despite being in the heat of summer, your focus shifts to getting your life in order when Mercury enters Virgo on Friday. This is a great time to be productive and do some serious adulting before Mercury’s retrograde begins. Organize your work, build positive habits, and take a practical approach to life.

End the week on an expressive note when the moon in Sagittarius trines Venus on Saturday. This aspect is a great opportunity to express your big feelings, and they could lead to deeper, more passionate relationships. Just don’t let your heated emotions burn down your life, especially for a summer love affair.

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