Aries Weekly Horoscope

It may be getting cooler outside, but behind closed Aries doors, the heat is rising! Your private party begins on Monday, December 4, when vixen Venus blazes into Scorpio and your eighth house of intimacy and merging until December 29. This is your annual three-week scorcher, and good luck TRYING to tamp down your seductive charms. Expect some spicy pillow talk and heavy breathing as the love planet pulls her box of tricks and toys out of hiding. This can be an abundantly sensual time for all Rams. If you’re single and in an experimental frame of mind, decide ahead of time where your boundaries are—at least select a safe word—since in the heat of the moment, you could get swept up in erotic exploits. For Aries who are attached or are holding out for “the one” (or somebody with the potential), this intensifying cycle can deepen bonds and reveal sides of your mate or date you weren’t familiar with—and perhaps of yourself! An exciting exercise is to approach your beloved with “beginner’s mind” and stay totally open to what you might discover. Planetary PSA: Keep this to yourself. It’ll be tempting to share juicy intel with your besties, but don’t. It’s not even about this new prospect finding out but energetically weakening your special connection. On Tuesday, sensual Venus forms a harmonious trine to commitment-minded Saturn AND there’s a balancing quarter moon in Virgo, which in tandem can launch this cycle on solid footing. Be clear about where your boundaries lie, but don’t be so mysterious that people misread your cues.

Reset! If you’ve felt like your internal operating system was going haywire over the past five months, just wait till Wednesday, when nebulous Neptune ends a confusing and disorienting retrograde in your fantasy-loving twelfth house. While this (seemingly endless) backchannel deep dive has been ideal for creative and spiritual pursuits, when it comes to getting a clear handle on consensus reality, Neptune’s dreamy vibes are NOT what you want to tap into. You may have struggled to discern who you could trust—and forget about maintaining any firm boundaries! But when Neptune resumes forward motion on Wednesday, your antennae will return to working order. This is a great opportunity to re-ground yourself in your essential values and, with Neptune on track in your mystical, subconscious zone, you can hone your intuition, draw from your deep well of creativity, and heal old wounds. A good place to start is making a list of who to forgive and what you’re grateful for.

Later in the week, Venus is still making waves, and on Saturday, the romance planet spins into an opposition with amplifying Jupiter. A smoldering attraction could flame up into a wildfire, and you might not be able to extinguish it so easily. Here’s the real question: Do you even WANT to stop? As irresistible as this is, you may find yourself plummeting down a rabbit hole, unable to focus on important, timely tasks. If that happens, you might have to give yourself a tough-love talk and set limits on yourself when you start obsessing. Take five minutes, setting a timer if necessary, then get back to work. When all else fails, throw yourself into doing a deep clean or the laundry!

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