Aries Weekly Horoscope

Jan 8, 2024 – Jan 14, 2024 – If you haven’t come up with your New Year’s resolutions yet, consider doing it during the Capricorn new moon on Thursday this week. The moon in your ambition zone encourages you to be realistic about your goals and make a solid plan to reach them. Where do you want to be in six months?

If your relationships have gotten stale, they won’t stay that way for long once Juno goes retrograde in your habit zone over the weekend. It can shake up partnerships and show you what works and what doesn’t. Over the next few months, focus on making relationships healthier.

Continue to keep your mind on your career when Mercury enters your ambition zone on Saturday, because you’ll be doing plenty of plotting to get to the top. Use your bold, independent spirit to make a name for yourself. Play the long game, Aries. Remember that it’s chess, not checkers.

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