Arif Alvi said the PTI founder’s release is essential to bringing Pakistan together.

Speaking to reporters in Karachi, the PTI leader emphasized his long-standing efforts to promote national unity, stating that he has always worked to bring the nation together because he thinks that unity is essential to Pakistan’s advancement.

But according to Arif Alvi, attaining this objective would need Imran Khan’s release, the founder of the PTI.

He emphasized the significance of acknowledging the national mandate, stating that this is the first step in bringing the nation together.

In response to claims that he had violated the constitution, the former president stated that his opponents need to take their grievances about his administration to court.

Alvi said, “They are welcome to file a case under Article 6 [treason],” stressing that he followed the law and made judgments based on his expertise.

In addition, he declared that he “made decisions using the best advice I received” despite not being a specialist in constitutional law.

Alvi emphasized his position against corruption, emphasizing that it is a core value that he has continuously defended. He said, “I have always opposed corruption and have stayed true to this principle throughout my career.”

In response to a query, Arif Alvi stated that he was given a cipher and emphasized the significance of keeping oaths when handling secret material.

He emphasized that he had denounced the May 9 incidents and emphasized the significance of looking into the violence. He declared that Imran Khan is still his leader and reaffirmed his unflinching support for the latter.

Arif Alvi also emphasized that improving the economic situation requires teamwork and cautioned against depending exclusively on the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The news conference follows PPP co-chairman Asif Zardari’s formal second inauguration as Pakistan’s 14th president on Sunday, following his victory in the presidential election the previous day.

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