Arshad Nadeem works out a lot to win a medal in the Olympics in Paris.

  • Arshad Nadeem is putting in a lot of work in preparation for the Paris Olympics.
  • Before the Olympics, he will compete in European events.
  • Regarding the South Africa training coach, his coach is doubtful.

For the last two and a half weeks, Pakistan’s finest javelin thrower and world runner-up, Arshad Nadeem, has been training and recovering at Punjab Stadium.

I recently watched Arshad receive instruction. He was totally focused on being as fit as possible and trying to win an Olympic medal in Paris.

On Monday, Salman Butt, his coach, told the local media that Arshad was engaged in “full training.”

“He’s trying his hardest,” he remarked.

Arshad’s mental toughness was questioned, and Butt said, “He is meeting the expectations.”

Butt stated he would be departing shortly. The authorities have made arrangements for him to have treatment for his right knee in England.

“In a week, he will be able to travel to England,” he stated.

“He’s going to return to Pakistan for two or three weeks of rehab after receiving treatment in England.” After that, he will travel to South Africa for a five-week training programme. After that, he will fly back home and spend 1.5 months training here. After that, he’ll travel to Europe to compete in two or three meetings before preparing for the Olympics, Butt disclosed.

Butt stated he wasn’t sure if Arshad would get a knee operation in England.

“Founded in England Dr. Bajwa will discuss the things he has prepared with us. In addition, I’ll be accompanying him when he travels to England for therapy on his right knee and whenever he competes in international competitions. I refuse to accompany him to South Africa. You are aware that he will want assistance during his therapy, therefore you must go with him. In the past, when he travelled to England for surgery, I wasn’t accompanying him,” Butt remarked.

Butt said he wasn’t sure if he would work out in South Africa under the same instructor who had worked with Arshad and Yasir Sultan for two months before.

“The coach he will train with has not yet been determined. Availability determines this. Arshad will be trained by anyone who is available. Because javelin throwers travel there from all over the world, it’s an excellent place to practice, he claimed.

Arshad suffered a right knee injury in May 2023 while competing in the 34th National Games in Quetta. That meant he had to miss the Asian Championship in Bangkok.

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