Asad Siddiqui and Zara Noor Abbas welcome a baby girl.

The announcement of their daughter’s birth was made by Pakistani showbiz celebrity Zara Noor Abbas and her spouse Asad Siddiqui.

Noor-e-Jahan Siddiqui is the name given to the infant by its parents, who uploaded a picture of him on Instagram.

Fans are asked to keep her in their prayers.

Thank God, Noor-e-Jahan Siddiqui is the world’s most beautiful baby girl. We are honored to be her parents, Amma and Abba. The Badshah Begum star signed off on her reel on behalf of both new parents, “Zara & Asad,” saying, “While we are busy going gaga over her, please remember us in your prayers.”
In less than half an hour, Zara’s post had over 43,000 likes, and her supporters and fans were the first to leave their well wishes and congratulations in the comments.

The couple’s horrific loss of their stillborn Aurangzeb in 2021 is followed by Zara and Asad’s rainbow baby. A picture of their newborn girl has not yet been shared by the new parents.

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