Attention! WhatsApp users to soon be able to pin multiple messages

In its bid to improve user experience, the renowned messaging platform WhatsApp is working on a new feature to allow users to pin multiple messages on top of their chats.

The feature, currently under development, will allow users to prioritise important messages by pinning them resulting in easy access to relevant and sought-out information.

Currently, the said feature is available on the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update on Google Play Store, reported WABInfo.

— WABInfo
— WABInfo

As seen from the screenshot above, the meta-owned platform is developing a new interface to go through a “list of pinned messages” with the feature expected to be made available to users in future.

WABInfo believes that the option to pin multiple messages will prove to be a valuable and noteworthy addition to the platform as it will assist users in maintaining improved organisation and prioritisation of their content and therefore enhancing their experience on the platform.

Once introduced, the feature will be specifically useful in group chats and lengthy conversations by allowing users to create a specific space for the messages they deem important.

However, there will be a limit to the number of messages that users can pin to maintain an equilibrium between functionality and simplicity on the platform.

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