Babar Azam attributes the improvement of team cohesion to the Kakul fitness camp.

The right-handed batter also said that through well planned team-building activities and drills, the fitness camp has strengthened the group’s cohesiveness and understanding.

From March 26 to April 6, twenty-nine cricket players participated in the pre-season camp at the storied and renowned Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul. Pakistan Army strategists and specialists created the training and drills for the players.

Team building exercises were conducted throughout the camp with the goal of strengthening the players’ physical and mental fortitude and putting them in the best possible position to tackle the challenges that lay ahead.

The players completed an extensive training programme designed to improve their entire performance on the field as well as their fitness, agility, leadership, and strategic thinking under the direction of skilled trainers and coaches.

Recently reinstated as Pakistan’s white-ball captain, Babar Azam talked about his involvement in the fitness camp.

I’ve attended boot camps three times, and every time I’ve learned something new,” the right-hander stated.

This time, we paid more attention to team-building exercises and lectures that improved performance than just physical conditioning.

These components are essential in light of our teamwork environment, where obtaining the intended outcomes depends heavily on collaborative performance.

“I have no doubt that we’ll improve as players and perform better overall when we return to competitive cricket as stronger, more resilient sportsmen.

“Considering the forthcoming cricket matches, this camp is quite beneficial. It reduces the chance of harm while simultaneously enhancing individual abilities and group performance.

He also talked about his favourite exercise camp memory. “The most unforgettable moment was when Azam Khan climbed the mountain.”

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