Bakhtawar Episode-21 Review: Police takes Bakhtawar into custody for investigation

Bakhtawar has made her mind to confess her identity in front of Malik Dilawar

Hum Tv Drama serial Bakhtawar is 21 episodes down and to be honest, I have lost interest in the story. It has turned too boring and far from being realistic. Yumna Zaidi’s performance is flawless but again her character is presented in such a dull light despite being a brave character, with so many flaws in the story that make her performance go wasted. In the previous episode, Bakhtoo gets trapped in a mess when Noora commits suicide. In this episode, it is shown that Bakhtawar and her mother are taken into Police custody for investigation.

Bakhtawar is too disturbed and her mother is rightly blaming her to put their life in trouble for sake of helping Kulsoom and Noora. Noora is alive but she is in a critical state in the hospital. Noora is haunting Bakhtawar in her dreams and she is resolute that she will be going to fight for giving the justice for Noora no matter what happens. She is ready to help Noora at the cost of her own credibility.

Chaudhry Dastagheer clearly knows that Bakhtoo has nothing to do with Noora’s case, he knows that his own son Salaar is behind all that incident but still he persists to trap Bakhtoo in this case. He is deliberately saving his son from all the mess. In other words, being a typical politician Chaudhry Dastagheer is enabling his own son in his criminal activities despite snubbing him on that act.

Malik Dilawar still thinks that Bakhtoo cannot commit such a heinous crime. He asks her servant who is attached to Noora about her affiliation with Bakhtoo on which he clearly tells her that she is having some sort of relationship with Salaar. She likes him too and she has seen her talking with him more often. Malik Dilawar has realized who was actually behind that incident. He has also noticed Salaar being nervous. He has postponed the wedding dates.

Bakhtawar is resolute that she will be going to tell Police and Malik Dilawar the reality as she is the only witness of that incident, she has herself seen Noora going into Salaar’s bedroom, and for that, she is even ready to reveal her identity in front of Malik Dilawar. Police in search of Bakhtoo take Bakhtawar and her mother to the police station. Our heart goes out to poor Ahad who sees his fiance being taken by Police. He has come to know about Bakhtoo through Nazar what will be Ahad’s reaction when he will come to know that Bakhtawar has hidden Bakhtoo’s identity from him? Ahad going to Bakhtawar’s mamoo and asking him to forgive Bakhatwar is an additional scene. We are looking forward to Malik Dilawar’s reaction when he will come to know that Bakhtoo is actually Bakhtawar.

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