Bakhtawar Episode-23 Review: Hooriya starts a slander campaign against Bakhtawar

Ahad is distancing himself from Bakhtawar

Bakhtawar the drama serial airing at Hum TV is now 23 episodes down the play should have moved towards its conclusion but the story is unnecessarily stretched. The performances are all good. In the previous episode, we have seen that Bakhtoo’s identity is finally revealed in front of the whole world and Malik Dilawar. In this episode, it is shown that Malik Dilawar is not ready to believe Bakhatwar. While Hooriya runs a slander campaign against Bakhtawar to demean her.

The episode begins when Ahad finally reaches the Police station and for the very first time he faces Malik Dilawar there is a sense of rivalry in both Dilawar as well as Ahad’s expressions particularly when he introduces himself as Bakhtawar’s fiance we see the color coming on Malik Dilawar’s face as if he does not like it. Ahad also seems insecure by Malik Dilawar’s presence.

Ahad’s coldness is justified, Bakhtawar has hidden from him such a huge thing. She should have at least shared with him her reality at the time of her engagement. Ahad is distancing himself from Bakhtawar. However, despite having such cold feelings for her, Ahad is still taking care of her and her mother. He is basically a gem of a person and actually, he doesn’t deserve this.

Bakhtawar is really upset her main reason for being upset is that she has lost her credibility in eyes of Mailk Dilawar. She tries to call Malik Dilawar but he is not picking up her call. Why Malik Dilawar is not picking up her call? Is he really angry with her for lying about her identity or because he has seen her with Ahad? The most disappointing thing is when Malik Dilawar starts believing that shrewd Hooriya and he even discusses his anger over Bakhtawar with her.

Hooriya is a typical politician who knows how to make her way out of everything. The way she deals with Salaar’s case and manages to gain some respect in Dilawar’s eyes is so clever. Dilawar’s father wants him to break his engagement with Hooriya but he refuses to do that. All of a sudden she becomes good for him how? doesn’t make any sense? Hooriya runs a slander campaign on social media against Bakhtawar. Molvi Nazar’s first wife suddenly undergoes a change of heart and she starts realizing that Molvi Nazar’s second wife is innocent and she needs her support. It seems that Molvi Nazar is not happy with this union of his wives. How will Bakhtawar go to regain her trust in Malik Dilawar’s eyes? Bakhatwar has already told Ahad that she is enough for herself she needs no one’s support.

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