Balaj, Tipu Truckanwala’s son, was fatally shot in Lahore.

The son of Arif Ameer, popularly known as Tipu Truckanwala, Ameer Balaj Tipu was shot and killed on Sunday night in the Chuhng neighborhood of Lahore.

According to the police, Balaj, who is in his early 30s, was seriously injured when an armed guy opened fire on him when he was treating the son of a former DPS in a Chuhng residential community.

The police reported that Balaj was accompanied by three other individuals who were also hurt. But the attacker was also slain by gunfire from Balaj’s gunmen in retaliation.

After the four injured were taken to Jinnah Hospital, Balaj passed away from his injuries. According to medical professionals cited in media accounts, he died as a result of four gunshot wounds to his chest.

A large police presence, including senior officers, arrived to the hospital following the three’s transfer there out of concern for potential conflicts because Balaj and his family had a history of animosity spanning at least three generations.

Attaullah Tarar, the newly elected MNA for the PML-N, hurried to the hospital upon hearing the news.

DIG (Operations) Ali Nasir Rizvi stated that the event could have been the product of a long-standing animosity, but that the identity of the gang responsible will be determined when an investigation was finished.

Ameer Balaj’s father, Tipu Truckanwala was similarly shot dead in the parking lot of the Allama Iqbal airport in 2010 upon returning from Dubai. His grandfather, Billa Truckanwala, had also fallen victim to an enmity. 

Balaj is said to have recently joined the PML-N after quitting the PTI. He was considered one of the few dons of Lahore’s underworld who had generations of enmity. 

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