Bandish 2 Episode-23 Review: Minahil is completely under the spell and Armaan proposes to her

Bandish 2, an ARY Digital drama serial after 23 episodes is getting intense and engaging but it is nothing like a horror show. Performances are all on point. Particularly Sania Saeed and Affan Waheed have given their best. In the previous episode, it is seen that Ahmer finds out about the black magic practices at Minahil’s place. In this episode, it is shown that Minahil is completely under the spell and Armaan proposes to her.

Minahil tells her mother about her office job and Humaira does not seem to mind it. Poor Humaira is feeling so low. Minahil is completely in the spell of her Farhana Chachi. She has started calling Armaan by his name instead of calling him bhai even though Humaira has not corrected her. Minahil gets possessed by Farhana on call and she scares the hell out of that Dr whom I have no idea why he visited the office.

Sameer is in real trouble. Hisaam and his brother are now demanding their money back and he cannot arrange that much amount of money. Sameer is thinking of selling his house and he is estimating to get quite a high value from that but for that, he has to talk and convince his mother. Sameer is shown so dumb and under the spell that after Waniya’s reasoning he still believes that his mother is his enemy and the irony is that he thinks that Farhana Chachi is his well-wisher.

Ahmer has made up his mind to help Minahil out of this situation and the curse of black magic. Ahmer’s father has fixed his rishta with his friend’s daughter but Ahmer has no plans to marry that girl. He still wants to marry Minahil as he knows that whatever she is doing is because she is under the spell. Ahmer’s mother has rightly guessed that the person who is doing black magic on Humaira’s house is none other than Farhana.

Armaan is getting too close to Minahil. Minahil too starts calling him by his name, and they both start hanging out together having chaat, and Armaan very conveniently and casually proposes to Minahil to marry him. Surprisingly Minahil does not mind this at all in fact it seems that she is considering this option.

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