Barn Yarn: A Hidden Object game with an easygoing plot

What is this game about?

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Rating:  4.3

Barn Yarn combines hidden object gameplay elements with time management, and creates this beautiful game that is set in a farm. This great game begins with a cute little cinematic explanation for the game’s premise: rancher Joe and his grandson Tom are teaming up to sell off a bunch of old junk to raise money, so that they can fix up the dilapidated barn they purchased from their neighbor. This plot, though simple, is very well weaved into the game’s hidden object dynamic.

Why do we say that? This is because we found the storyline easygoing yet heartwarming, and there are several subplots that show up as the story progresses. We won’t go into too much detail as we don’t want to spoil the story for you, but we, ummm, cannot confirm nor deny if we were moved to tears at some point! The characters have some fun and quirky lines as you hang around the barn and see the events unfold, and since you can choose to enter your name when creating a new game, it feels like you’re actively participating in the renovation efforts when the characters talk to you directly and refer to you by your designated name.

As you complete sales, you earn money and can renovate or upgrade your barn. Seeing your barn progress from a broken down shed into a stylish and modern safe place for your animals to endure the winter will definitely fill you with a sense of accomplishment.

Fun, challenging, and rewarding Hidden Object gameplay!

Finding the hidden objects is challenging and fun! In some hidden object scenes, the items are camouflaged so well that they are almost blended into the background, making it impossible to spot, yet so very rewarding when you eventually find it. This keeps you sharp and keeps your eyes keen.

The hidden object gameplay is also made more exciting and realistic with time element involved. As mentioned earlier, you are trying to complete sales to earn money. If you take too long to find an item the customer is looking for, they will become less interested in it and therefore pay less.

How can you avoid this so that you can maximize your earnings? You can also use several features to help you find items, such as the magnet, which aims towards the location of one of the wanted items and can point to several objects within a limited time window. You can also use the lamp, which turns the screen white and highlights one or more objects you’re looking for. Lastly, you can use the butterflies in the jar, which will fly directly the items you need. You can recharge your number of butterflies by picking up more butterflies in each hidden object scene, and store them safely in the jar.

Coins can also show up hidden among the objects and can be collected for a cash bonus.

Great time management, resource gathering, and farm building elements!

As with all great time management and farm building games, there is the element of choice that is weaved into the gameplay. With limited resources, you will have to choose sparingly between what types of buildings to focus on, and what customers you wish to attract.

To top it off, this game also comes with 3 different barn styles. With each different type of barn comes a different set of customers and advantages/disadvantages. Once again, this adds another level of depth to this game as you have the option to strategize for your own playstyle.

In some ways, this also adds to the replayability of the game, as you can start over and choose another barn style!

Barn Yarn

Heartwarming storyline and bonus sales!

While the hidden object gameplay may get a bit repetitive after awhile, the storyline that features rancher Joe and his grandson Tom remains heartwarming and engaging enough for us to want to finish.

Also, the game developers have added a special element to keep things fresh and exciting. As you progress along the game and your farm gets more and more resources and becomes more self-sustaining, upgrades inevitably becomes pricier and you may find that your game progression is stalling.

That’s when the fun begins – the first few levels and hidden object scenes were just to prep you for the big ones! Every once in a while there will be a special bonus sale where you might be tasked with finding 20 of the same object such as cowboy hats, gloves or vases. Despite being several of the same object, some of them might be tough to find and you might find yourself having to use a butterfly or two. We hope you have enough of those during these special bonus sales, otherwise you may be missing out on some great gains!

Barn Yarn

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Barn Yarn is a highly rewarding hidden object game to play, and the various gameplay elements it includes such as time management and farm building gives this game so many different facets and dimensions to enjoy.

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