Before the IMF delegation arrives, Pakistan will “finalize” its FY2024–25 budget targets.

In order to discuss the new loan program that Pakistan is requesting to handle its financial needs, the IMF delegation is expected to arrive in Pakistan on May 15.

Within days of the IMF mission’s arrival, sources claim that the government accelerated its budget targets preparations. Relevant ministries have been instructed by the Ministry of Finance to meet targets as soon as possible.

Based on the information provided by the sources, the IMF will get a framework for all significant budgetary targets.

Before the IMF mission arrives, a strategic paper on the FY25 budget is reportedly going to be approved by the federal cabinet.

In addition, a preliminary estimate will be created for salaries, pensions, government spending, and loan repayments. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) will also set tax collection goals and defense spending.

According to additional sources, the economic team has been given a deadline by the Prime Minister’s Office to finish working on the FY25 budget.

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