Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Mar 28, 2022 – Apr 3, 2022 – Your relationships start to shift and change this week when Venus conjoins Saturn in Aquarius and your shared resources zone on Monday. Whether you’re moving in together or pooling your money, remember to set boundaries to keep the relationship healthy. Learning to adult together is a great way to bond.

Then, take some action on your career goals when the new moon is in Aries on Thursday. The moon in your public image zone encourages you to think about goals you wish to reach during this lunar cycle. Taking small actions in your professional life could lead to big results.

Be vocal about what you want, especially when the sun conjoins Mercury in Aries and your career zone on Saturday. This is an ideal day to give a presentation, speak professionally, and make career connections to help you get ahead. Speak boldly and make big moves, Cancer.

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