Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Jun 27, 2022 – Jul 3, 2022 – It’s your season, Cancer, and you’re really starting to feel yourself now when the new moon is in your sign on Tuesday. This is a great day to reinvent yourself for the summer and show everyone your inner sunshine. Whether you’re doing your hair, buying a cute swimsuit, or just meeting new people. Get ready to shine and sparkle!

However, Tuesday also brings a crisis of faith because Neptune will be retrograde in your philosophy zone for the next few months. Some of your core beliefs are going to be shaken, so be skeptical about everything you hear. Don’t blindly believe whatever anyone tells you right now.

Keep your dreams to yourself, because there could be people who want to tear you down when Mercury in Gemini forms a square with Neptune on Saturday. Learning about a private matter could change everything for you, including your dreams.

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