Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Aug 15, 2022 – Aug 21, 2022 – If you’re planning on moving in with someone or forming a bond with someone special, Thursday is the day to do it because Venus in Leo trines Jupiter in Aries. Connecting with the people you live with can really make a house a home. Sharing is caring!

Over the next several months, your health will be the most important thing in your life once Mars enters Gemini on Saturday. The warrior planet will be in your productivity zone, making you extra active and productive. Use this energy to make your body stronger and your mind healthier. Self-discipline will be difficult, but if you’re dedicated to personal improvement, you’ll feel much better.

Practice self-discipline regarding your spending habits when retrograde Vesta enters your value zone on Sunday, making it difficult to hold on to money. You might even lose money without knowing where it even went, Capricorn.

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