Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Aug 22, 2022 – Aug 28, 2022 – It’s back-to-school season! As the sun enters Virgo and your expansion zone on Monday, you’re eager to learn. Whether you’re considering going back to school, taking classes online or traveling the world, you’ll be expanding your mind. Enjoy this period of intellectual growth, Capricorn.

Especially if you’re trying to expand your career opportunities when Mercury enters Libra on Thursday, moving into your career zone. You’ll be thinking a lot about how you can achieve your goals and boost your public image. What can you do to get ahead?

Do some research on that during the new moon in Virgo on Saturday. This is a great time to take a deep dive into important issues you want to understand better. You might even develop a new philosophy and understanding about life. This can be the start of an amazing journey, so enjoy the ride during this lunar cycle.

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