Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Dec 5, 2022 – Dec 11, 2022 – It won’t be your season for another two weeks, but you’re already getting a boost of confidence on Tuesday thanks to Mercury moving into your sign. You’ll put that charm to good use through the rest of the month, from pitching important ideas to making new connections. Use your words to create opportunities.

So get a jump-start on your New Year’s resolutions during the full moon in Gemini and your habit zone on Wednesday. This is a great opportunity to break any bad habits that have been weighing you down lately. While these changes might make you anxious, they are for the best.

End the week by stepping into your power again when Venus enters your sign on Friday. For the rest of the month you’ll be showing others your softer side as you feel more like having fun than getting into serious work. Get ready for romance, parties and new experiences.

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