Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

This Tuesday, June 7, a quarter moon in Virgo puts summer travel plans on the front burner. Are you saying, “Wait…what summer travel plans?” Well, Capricorn, the ones you need to start making, like now. You don’t have to tumble down a research rabbit hole. Poll friends on their favorite global hotspots. In the process, you might just wind up scoring a friend’s impossibly-hard-to-find extra ticket to Burning Man or grabbing the last room in that beach house a few of your BFFs rented for July. 

For other Capricorns, this lunar lift can bring a shot of motivation to get working on a business venture…or maybe the next scene of that screenplay you are slowly working on. Big projects can be daunting, even for your ambitious sign. But use the harmonizing energy of the quarter moon to create a project plan. Try to remember that Rome doesn’t necessarily NEED to be built in a day. Curb the tendency to put stressful timelines onto your passion projects. You might think you work well under pressure (and a little bit is fine), but you don’t want to rush through the creative process!

Steel your willpower this Saturday, as hedonistic Venus and live-for-the-moment Uranus could send you down all kinds of rabbit holes. As Oscar Wilde famously quipped, “I can resist everything except temptation.” If you recently went on a detox from cupcakes, tequila and one-and-done Tinder dates, stick to your guns! Just veer away from the deprivation mindset. An ascetic you’ll never be, but you can still get your fix from healthy outlets. A smoothie made with young coconut or fresh pineapple can satisfy your sweet tooth. And burning up the dance floor with friends can make you feel ten times sexier than an awkward hook-up. If a romantic interest starts behaving unpredictably, be careful not to heap fuel onto the fire by responding in a dramatic way. Your fiery accusations could pierce hearts—and may be grounded more in YOUR rash fears than reality. If bae pulls back, don’t chase! Use this as an excuse to nurture other connections. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

Looking to rock the romantic boat? This Venus-Uranus merger will bring some passionate and experimental energy to your love life. Got a great partner to explore with? Choose a safe word and push those envelopes. Single Sea Goats could fall head over jeweled mules for someone who is WAY different than your usual type…and you could shock yourself in the process!

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