Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Jul 24, 2023 – Jul 30, 2023 – It’s a make-or-break moment in your relationship when Mercury conjoins Venus in your transformation zone on Thursday. You might have some intimate talks that change your relationship, either binding you together or tearing you apart. So…no pressure! Trust your gut, Capricorn.

Despite it still being summer, you’re already thinking of going back to school when Mercury enters Virgo and your expansion zone on Friday. This is a great time to broaden your mental horizons through education, so sign up for classes, read books, and talk to different people. Expanding your mind can change your life.

End the week on a tender note when the moon in Sagittarius trines Venus on Saturday. Expressing the most vulnerable parts of you can help deepen your relationships. Voice your feelings in private with someone you care about and feel the love and deeper intimacy.

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