Cases against government officials sought by FIA

According to the data, the Director General of FIA addressed a letter to the zonal directors of FIA to request case details and ongoing probes against government officials and lawmakers nationwide.

The letter requests details on the number of FIA cases against government personnel nationally, as well as ongoing investigations and their positions.

The DG FIA wrote about registered cases, including political inquiries, and their development.

The letter asks regarding completed inquiries and registered cases. Seeking updates on ongoing corruption cases and spotlighting the ministry or department with the most corruption cases under investigation.

The number of government officers and politicians accused of crimes is also required.

Additionally, the letter requests statistics on the amount of recovery made in current cases and the number of FIA arrests of politicians and government personnel.

It emphasizes getting thorough reports from all zones and states that the Ministry of Interior will receive a briefing on the assembled data.

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