Chauraha Episode-12 & 13 Review: Zoya has no idea that the guy her mother is suggesting to marry is her kidnapper

Junaid saves his sister from getting assaulted.

Chauraha the 7th Sky Entertainment production drama serial is getting stronger. With a very solid and engaging storyline, it is indeed one play with powerful messaging. Performances are on point. Mikaal Zulfiqaar has given his best. In the previous episodes, we have seen that Junaid is in extreme remorse and he wants to seek repentance.  He is still seeking ways to redeem himself in the latest episodes.

Junaid is in extreme remorse and he is in search of finding ways to redeem himself. His sister Naila asks him to forgive her for having an affair with a guy. Junaid says that he forgives her so that he will be forgiven too. One wonders why her sister is not being curious to ask him what he has done?

Zoya on her mother’s advice gathers some courage and joins back her college. I don’t understand why people are shown in such bad light every girl in her college is taunting her accusing her that she must have eloped instead of being kidnapped. Our heart goes out to Zoya. Madiha Imam has given a brilliant performance in this episode. Arsal is still after her, he still has the guts to follow Zoya after what his toxic mother has done with Zoya and Shireen.

Naila’s boyfriend happens to be a criminal person. He is worst than Junaid. He first traps Naila to meet her at his house, he promises her that he will introduce her to his mother. However, he has some sinister plans he wants to gang rape her along with his friends. He and his friends have all the plans to intoxicate her. The scene has given us goosebumps when Naila locks herself in the bathroom she has sensed that she has been trapped. Luckily she got her cellphone and she calls Junaid. Junaid rescues his sister and it seems it is some sort of karma.

Junaid’s behavior towards her sister redeems him a bit. Shireen has asked Saleem Sahab to bring his son’s proposal for Zoya. Junaid has somehow shaken by this incident he wants to marry off his sister as soon as possible. He shares his thoughts with his father who in return asks him for his consent on marrying Zoya. Junaid thinks of it as a way to redeem himself and save Zoya he immediately agrees with this idea. Well, Zoya has no idea that the guy her mother is suggesting to marry is her kidnapper. The question arises will Junaid be redeemed if he married and supports Zoya and her mother? How it seemed to marry one’s kidnapper? Well, we are feeling empathic towards Junaid as he is truly regretting his sins.

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