Chauraha Last Episode Review: Tragic but perfect ending!

Zoya declines Junaid’s proposal!

Chauraha Last Episode Review – Chauraha, a 7th Sky Entertainment production drama serial, has finally come to its conclusion. Despite of few loopholes in the story and unnecessary dragging, the subject matter of the play is really commendable. Performances were all on point. The writer Edison Idrees Masih and director Ahesun Talish deserve appreciation for bringing a totally unique storyline and for not totally absolving Junaid for all his sins.

Zoya gets a promotion and she is transferred to the Islamabad branch. Her relationship with Salim Sahab and Naila has become very cordial. To our surprise, Zoya is allowed to shift to Islamabad and she is living there on her own and mostly visits home on weekends. Well, the scene where a subordinate of Zoya lies with her and goes on a date is such a badly executed scene and then the following scene is so preachy and equally badly executed.

Well in the whole scene one feels like Arsal is missing. I really don’t understand why Zoya break up with him. He is so nice and he really deserves Zoya but he is so harshly treated and is cut out from the whole scene. Anyways Junaid is back from prison and he is reluctant to enter his own house. He is seeking Shireen’s forgiveness and the scene where he begs her forgiveness and she forgives him is so heart-touching.

Zoya comes home on the weekend and Junaid decides to leave the house and stay with his friend to avoid facing Zoya. Zoya is back home and her mother is being anxious about marrying her off. She gets anxious to see a single silver strand in her hair. Naila tells her that Junaid is back from prison but he is not coming home because of her, she says that she has forgiven him. Naila tells her that he wants to talk to her but Zoya says nothing.

On her way back to the airport, Junaid gives her a ride in his car. He again seeks her forgiveness on which she says that she has forgiven him. Junaid musters the courage to propose to her saying that he cannot stop thinking about her and that also he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. However, Zoya declines his proposal by simply asking what would he say if he is in her place. Junaid honestly says that he would have said no. So it’s a No! I find it a perfect ending although it is tragic. This is what Junaid actually deserves. How can she say yes to her kidnapper? Plus Zoya and Junaid’s parents are married to each other she is his half-sibling their marriage sounds so inappropriate. Thank God the makers have not tried to fully redeem Junaid, he deserves this kind of end.

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