Chinese Ambassador Calls Prime Minister: PM Appreciates Greetings from President XI Jinping and Premier LI QIANG

At the Prime Minister’s House, Chinese Ambassador Jiang Zaidong paid a visit to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

The Prime Minister expressed gratitude to Premier LI Qiang and President XI Jinping for their kind words of congratulations on his reelection and takeover of office.

He acknowledged the kind words of the Chinese leadership and thanked them for their dedication to preserving Pakistan-China ties and their contribution to their strengthening.

The prime minister emphasized that his administration would put forth great effort to guarantee that the projects included in the China-Pakistan economic corridor were implemented on schedule.

He emphasized that Pakistan was eager to proceed with the next stage of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which would involve opening up special economic zones to Chinese investment in Pakistan.

The Chinese Ambassador restated that Pakistan-China friendship was something the Chinese government and leadership looked forward to advancing.

In this context, he restated the Prime Minister’s offer to make an official visit to China as soon as possible.

The Prime Minister accepted the offer and stated that he would make the visit at a time that would be agreeable for all parties and would be arranged through diplomatic channels.

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