CM Gandapur and Mohsin Naqvi pledge to cooperate in the fight against terrorism.

To put an end to terrorism in the province, it was resolved during the conference to step up intelligence-based initiatives.

The deaths of the Chinese nationals in the suicide assault in Shangla were regretted by both leaders. Effective counterterrorism measures were directed by the federal interior minister.

He asserted that the enemies’ and miscreants’ despicable acts could not break the resolve of the Pakistani people.

According to Gandapur, the province’s government is committed to doing everything within its power to combat terrorism and safeguard the lives and property of its citizens.

It is important to note that a suicide bomber in KP’s Bisham crashed his car packed with explosives into a caravan of Chinese nationals, killing at least five of them along with their local driver.

A suicide bomber struck one of the coaches in the convoy of twelve cars en route from Islamabad to Dasu Dam in Kohistan with a vehicle carrying explosives.

Six individuals were killed when the targeted vehicle crashed into a deep ditch due to the fire produced by the explosion.

There is a sizable dam at Dasu, and there have been previous attacks there. Thirteen people were murdered in a bus explosion in 2013, and nine of them were Chinese nationals.

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