CM Maryam approves the distribution of 1 kV solar kits in Punjab.

The decision was made at a review of the province’s energy projects, which was presided over by Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz.

Protected power users who use fewer than 100 units of electricity each month will receive a 1 kv solar system. Families that qualify for the project will receive two solar plates, batteries, an inverter, and wiring.

CM Maryam Nawaz emphasised that the government must provide high-quality items to the general public so they can avoid costly electricity issues.

The administration was instructed by the chief minister of Punjab to start the pilot project in the province.

Maryam Nawaz announced her five-year plan in her debut speech as chief minister of Punjab. She promised to create a strategy for those who use fewer than 300 units of power annually.

The chief minister of Punjab declared that the PML-N’s main goals under her leadership will be to provide jobs, healthcare, and education.

“I am developing a strategy to supply solar panels to customers consuming 300 or less units of electricity in installments,” she stated.

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