CM Maryam oversees the creation of functional drainage and sewage infrastructure in Lahore.

The task of creating a street-level sewage system has been delegated to Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz.

At a high-level meeting of the local government, the chief minister of Punjab was briefed on street construction and the drainage and sewerage system.

The status of suburban regions’ parks, street lighting, and landscaping was also examined during the meeting.

No part of Lahore should be denied development; she advocated for it in all areas without exception.

All roads need to be completely surfaced. An efficient and long-lasting drainage system is what she emphasised.

Working together and disciplinarily is what Maryam Nawaz asked WASA, LWMC, and other pertinent departments to do.

The inadequate drainage system on streets and highways, she warned, will not be tolerated in terms of public discomfort.

In terms of broken roads, inadequate drainage, and sewage systems, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz stated it’s highly uncomfortable and inconvenient.

In order to address public emergencies, she underlined that all departments must collaborate.

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