CM Naqvi establishes the Multan Cadet College initiative.

MULTAN: In order to begin construction on a massive project that would satisfy a long-standing yearning of the Multan people, caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi used a crane to break ground and lay the foundation of Multan Cadet College.

The Rs 1678 million project will see the completion of the cadet college in December 2025. 450 students might be housed at the cadet college, which would be constructed in Multan’s 919 Kanal region.

In addition to officer housing, the cadet college would also have two dormitories, a faculty hostel, an officers mess, a multipurpose hall, and a masjid, according to a thorough briefing on the project sent to the chief minister by the secretary of housing and works.

The chief minister said that the Punjab government has already given Rs 124 million to start building.

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