CM Punjab Maryam urges group efforts to eradicate tuberculosis

For a healthy Punjab, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz underlined the need of the continuous fight against tuberculosis (TB).

She delivered a strong message on World Tuberculosis Day, emphasizing the need for unshakable commitment to the total eradication of TB.

According to CM Nawaz, tuberculosis (TB) is a treatable illness, and its eradication requires both prompt diagnosis and efficient treatment.

She emphasized the need of raising public knowledge of tuberculosis and the necessity for extensive education and understanding about the disease in order to save the lives of sufferers.

She promised to make sure people from all socioeconomic backgrounds could receive quality TB treatment.

Maryam Nawaz called for a united front to save the lives of mothers, sisters, and daughters, stressing the significance of group efforts in the fight against this deadly disease.

Her words emphasized the need for everyone to take responsibility in order to properly confront the tuberculosis issue.

The Chief Minister’s dedication to promoting public health, promoting treatment accessibility, and raising public awareness is essential in Punjab’s continuous battle against tuberculosis.

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