COAS Munir and Iran’s president talk about border security and regional peace

Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) reports that, in addition to working together to achieve regional peace and economic success, all parties agreed that strengthening bilateral collaboration was a must.

The COAS Munir spoke at the ceremony and referred to the border between Iran and Pakistan as “the border of peace and friendship.” He emphasized the necessity for better coordination along the border to stop terrorists from endangering the long-standing friendly relations between the two neighboring countries.

It was emphasized by President Ebrahim Raisi that Pakistan and Iran may achieve peace and stability for themselves as well as for the region by promoting collaboration between their two armed forces.

The fact that Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi is now in Pakistan for three days should be mentioned here. The chief of state’s visit is the first of its sort following the general elections on February 8.

The Foreign Minister, senior officials, members of the cabinet, and a sizable trade delegation make up Iran’s presidential entourage.

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