Created as a helpline to handle complaints about rain-related water buildup

Chairman CDA Capt ® Anwar ul Haq oversaw the creation of this program. The CDA, MCI, and ICT staff were very busy in Islamabad amid the heavy rains.

They ensured that water accumulating on highways was cleared and immediately responded to reports of standing water in various regions.

Additionally, in accordance with the CDA administration’s directions, specific measures were implemented on the roadways to lessen the impact of heavy rains on traffic flow and avoid problems like traffic congestion.

Across CDA’s sectorial and non-sectorial areas, including housing societies and other low-lying places, the joint teams from CDA, MCI, and ICT were activated.

The teams helped remove water from low-lying regions, including residential structures, by using dewatering pumps, among other tools.

It is important to note that relevant staff members’ holidays have been canceled due to the rainy weather. Furthermore, staff members have been assigned tasks at different intervals, and close observation of places that are below sea level is maintained.

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