Destiny 2 and Monster Hunter meet in RPG shooter The First Descendant

The First Descendant open beta dates have been tentatively pencilled in, and a new trailer shows off Destiny 2 and Monster Hunter-style RPG FPS co-op.

Just ahead of its Gamescom showing, The First Descendant open beta dates have been confirmed, with a brand new trailer showing off the epic boss battles and abilities you’ll have to master in order to take the gargantuan entities down. The free-to-play co-operative looter-shooter, besides having a love for hyphenated descriptors, looks to be in good shape, with its RPG and FPS gameplay inspired by Destiny 2 and Monster Hunter.

The trailer is the first in-depth look we’ve had at what goes into the boss battles of The First Descendant – looking like a mix of Destiny 2 and Monster Hunter, the co-op looter-shooter shows off some serious teamwork with the latest video, with each player character fulfilling a specific role on the team.

The four characters we can see in the video each possess a completely different skill set, something MMO players will be all too familiar with – finding a balance in your team, coupled with solid teamwork will be the key to defeating the free-to-play game’s toughest enemies. From the information in the trailer, and a little bit from developer, Nexon Games, the first four playable characters we see are:

  • Lepic – A versatile fighter, with guns built into his arms.
  • Viessa – Debuffs enemies by freezing the air around them.
  • Bunny – Exceptionally quick character with electrical attacks.
  • Ajax – A tank with the ability to warp space.

The battles seem frenetic and tactile, with the grappling hook being used to full effect. It’s interesting to note that the enemy is an object, so being able to grapple and move around their various body parts should make for some interesting battle plans.

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