Details within: May 9–June 9 will see the continuation of Hajj flight operations

The information of the aircraft operations to enable pilgrims to depart from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia have been released by the Ministry of Religious Affairs as the annual Hajj pilgrimage season approaches. May 9–June 9 will see the continuation of flight operations.

2,160 pilgrims will take off on their spiritual trip through 11 flights on the first day, according to the ministry.

For the first fifteen days of flying operations, all planes will be routed through Madina airport, a Ministry of Religious Affairs spokeswoman stated. To make it easier for pilgrims to continue their journey to the holy sites, most planes will arrive at Jeddah Airport between May 24 and June 9.

330 pilgrims will leave Karachi via two flights, and 680 pilgrims will leave Islamabad via three aircraft on the first day of the pilgrimage. Three aircraft from Lahore will also be used to begin the pilgrimage of 670 individuals.

The first day will also see flights departing from Sialkot and Multan.

According to the spokesperson, in order to accommodate pilgrims from different parts of Pakistan, the first Hajj aircraft from Quetta will depart on May 11 and the second from Sukkur on May 27. A spokesperson for the ministry stated that 259 planes are anticipated to carry over 68,000 pilgrims to Saudi Arabia.

The ministry’s extensive planning and coordination efforts to guarantee pilgrims’ safe and comfortable trip during their Hajj experience are highlighted by the spokeswoman, who underlined that the first flight carrying pilgrims back to their homes is scheduled for June 20.

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