DICE is ‘only focusing’ on Battlefield 2042, has no time for other projects right now

DICE is all-in on Battlefield 2042, with head Rebecka Coutaz saying there’s “no time for anything else.”

The developer has largely existed to pump out Battlefield games over the years, but I’ll always love DICE for Mirror’s Edge and its sequel Catalyst. Nearly 14 years later, the game still holds up beautifully, from its slick minimalistic aesthetic to protagonist Faith’s fluid movement. Nat called Mirror’s Edge “the undisputed queen of parkour” and I couldn’t agree more. The game was the antithesis of DICE’s usual library and it was shocking how well it worked.

Unfortunately, my hopes for a third freerunning adventure seem to be fading. In an interview with¬†GamesIndustry.biz, Coutaz emphasised the team’s desire to be “the first-person shooter powerhouse that DICE deserves to be,” and that means leaving outliers Mirror’s Edge tucked away.

I mean yes, we already pretty much knew another Mirror’s Edge wouldn’t be coming anytime soon. Last year the EA France Twitter unintentionally drummed up a lot of hype, only for a follow-up tweet to clarify that it was just having¬†a little bit of fun. A little prank. It’s still a shame for Mirror’s Edge fans like me to know that we won’t see anything soon.

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