Dobara Episode 28 Story Review – Meaningful Conversations

Tonight’s episode of Dobara yet again focused on Mehru and Mahir more than any other character. This recent episode had some interesting conversations to its credit. Mahir continues to be the main attraction; the character has been penned down brilliantly and Bilal Abbas Khan continues to translate the character phenomenally on screen. Mehru has some really strong personality traits which are likable but her story has definitely been taken over by Mahir, she no longer controls what happens in her life and her reactions most often are also dependent on Mahir’s support. Mahir’s marriage to Mehru brought him the stability that was always lacking in his life. As a result of that, he has more confidence now to face those people who put him down in the past. The dynamics continue to be interesting but am I the only one who still expects more from Mehru? Her kindness and good manners are likable but her over-reliance on Mahir is definitely not too appealing.

Important Meeting and Conversations

This episode opened with Mehru and Mahir discussing Zameer and Minal’s situation. Mahir once again was the one who gave Mehru the assurance she needed and decided to take matters into his control. Mahir’s resourcefulness has always been the most attractive personality trait. Even when he did not have the finances or the position to be in control, he found ways to get himself out of trouble. He was obviously using means which were questionable and now that he has the resources, he does not rely on anyone to find solutions. In this way, Mehru and Mahir are poles apart. Mehru is always clueless and most often depends on either compromise or her money to get out of trouble. Mahir does not believe in compromising when he knows he is right. Mahir’s character development has been more interesting than Mehru’s. When Mahir’s friend reminded him of the reason he married Mehru, although he was quite clear that he loved Mehru, somehow I had a difficult time believing him. Was he saying this because his friend was now going to work in the office or because he really was in love with Mehru? Even after all this time, somehow I find it difficult to believe that Mahir loves Mehru the way he loved Narmeen.

Dobara Episode 28 Story Review – Meaningful Conversations

Tonight’s episode had many important conversations between characters who have not talked to each other for a long time. Mehru and Minal finally had an actual conversation. It was good to see Mehru looking out for her daughter. Minal however was not willing to be flexible at all, she was always a sensible girl but Zameer brainwashed her completely. Minal’s meeting with Mahir was also interesting. Mahir has a way with words and he plays the role well! Minal also was not as aggressive with him as she is with her mother. The most important meeting was between Naheed and Mehru! Even though Mehru dealt with her confidently and elegantly, she was clearly affected by everything she said. That is why later on, she talked to Mahir. I am glad; she did not keep her feelings to herself because Mahir’s reaction was the best part of this episode. The way he gave his mother and his stepfather a reality check was music to the ears! There was a time when he completely lacked this confidence, now he says things that he could not have imagined saying to all these people who are responsible for the shortcomings in his life. Mahir’s conversation with Naheed was also important because he kept on telling her that Mehru’s love meant more to him than anything else. This love will truly be tested when he crosses paths with Narmeen in the upcoming episode. I am looking forward to this meeting. The best scene tonight was the last one; the way Mahir told his stepfather off was meaningful and gratifying.

Affan and Minal finally had a conversation about what actually happened. Affan defended Mahir and decided to share the secret with Minal which changed his perspective altogether. Since Minal idealizes her father just as much as Affan did, this will be as big a shock for her as it was for Affan. Jahangir and his wife’s scene was definitely forced since there was a major change in her personality after being insulted by Minal. This seemed like a filler scene which did not really make sense given whatever we were shown in the previous episode.

Final Remarks

Overall, this was an interesting episode of Dobara with quite a few important conversations. Even though everything is being covered logically, the drama does not have the same appeal to it that it had a few weeks back. Some of the scenarios are repetitive and you also want to see Mehru and Mahir’s ending at this point. The preview of the next episode was interesting. I am definitely waiting to find out how Narmeen and Mahir’s chance meeting goes. Will it be as satisfying as his meeting with his stepfather tonight? Or will it end up confusing Mahir?

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