Dragon’s Dogma 2 finally announced

After 10 long years of watching people ask for a sequel to Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom is finally making it happen. Series director Hideaki Itsuno announced the new game as a surprise reveal at the end of a 10-year anniversary mini-doc(opens in new tab) for the original Dragon’s Dogma.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting!” Itsuno said while dramatically unzipping his sweatshirt to reveal a Dragon’s Dogma 2 logo. “Everyone in the development team is hard at work creating a game that we hope you will enjoy. Please look forward to it!”

Itsuno then dropped the proverbial microphone and the stream ended after a short sizzle reel from the original game. In a follow-up tweet, Capcom also said that Dragon’s Dogma 2 is being made with RE Engine, the same engine used for the last handful of Resident Evil games and Monster Hunter Rise.

So that’s it for now—Dragon’s Dogma 2 is “currently in development,” Itsuno is directing it, and a lot of patient fans are presumably very happy.

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