During election month, the government plans to tax power users by Rs81.50 billion.

DUNYA NEWS, ISLAMABAD – The government is prepared to tax power users an additional Rs81.50 billion.

An application for a quarterly fuel adjustment for the period of October through December 2023 has been received by the National Electricity and Power Regulatory Authority, or Nepra. Rate increases for electricity have been requested by the distribution firms.

As per the rules provided by the government, capacity costs will amount to Rs75.14 billion.

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In addition, the corporations have asked for Rs 10.82 billion in damages. The matter will be heard on February 14.

This is a rather rare approach since, prior to general elections, governments or caretaker arrangements aid the public. There are also rumours that gasoline prices could rise in the upcoming month, which is another unusual and unpleasant move.

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