Earth Day: PM urges people to use fewer plastics and to switch to more environmentally friendly options

On this Monday, Pakistan is celebrating International Earth Day, much like the rest of the world. This year, “Planet vs. Plastics” is the day’s topic.

On this day, people aim to raise awareness about plastic usage, its effects on the environment, how to lessen plastic dependency, and how to eliminate plastic from the planet.

Concurrently, in his address on International Earth Day, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif urged the country to use less plastic, support recycling and environmentally friendly substitutes, and push for more robust environmental laws across the board.

In his speech on Earth Day, he noted, “We have initiated an exhaustive consultative process with the ministries, provincial environment departments, ICT administration, industries and other relevant stakeholders for developing Single-Use Plastics (Prohibition) Regulations, 2023 as well as restriction on use of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles in federal ministries and divisions.”

By minimising waste and consumption and increasing reuse, recycling, and material recovery, he said these efforts demonstrate the government’s commitment to advancing a sustainable circular economy for plastics.

Pakistan is among the most climate-vulnerable nations, but the prime minister claimed that despite this, not enough people knew about the hazards posed by climate change to the growth, welfare, and economic security of our people.

According to him, individuals are now significantly more at risk, both physically and financially, as a result of the cumulative consequences of climate change.

According to him, the administration is aware of how critical it is to act swiftly and forcefully in order to address these issues and prepare people for hardship.

In order to create a sustainable, cleaner, and greener future, he declared, Pakistan will keep up its efforts.

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