Elected members are assigned by MQM-P to address public concerns.

Details state that the MQM-P gave its recently elected members a week to draft and submit a report on the challenges facing their respective constituencies.

The members were instructed to get in touch with the appropriate institutions to rectify the problems. The citizens of Hyderabad and Karachi have given you [the MPs] a mandate. We must find solutions to the problems,” the spokesman stated in a statement.

The statement gave the members instructions on how to draft reports on tanker mafia, drinking water availability, and power and gas load-shedding. They were also instructed to file complaints against multi-story structures and unlawful development in their districts.

In the general elections held on February 8, the MQM-P secured 17 seats in the National Assembly, making them the third biggest political party in the nation.

Mustafa Kamal, the deputy convener, reaffirmed the previous day that his party has chosen to become a part of the coalition administration and assume ministries at the centre.

Speaking to a private news station, Kamal stated that joining the coalition government headed by PML-N’s Shehbaz is not the best scenario.

The former mayor of Karachi asserted that the choice to enter the administration was made in order to help the nation escape the current predicament. “The talks with the PML-N are progressing well,” he stated, stressing that the MQM-P desired to assume accountability for their voters’ needs.

Additionally, he denied rumours that talks on a power-sharing arrangement at the centre had reached a standstill with the PML-N.

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