Election results wouldn’t be questioned if EVMs were installed. Alvi

In an informal discussion with media in Islamabad, President Dr. Arif Alvi shared his opinions on a number of important topics and hinted that this may be one of his last addresses as head of state.

In response to queries on the election procedure, President Alvi stressed the value of Pakistanis living abroad having the ability to vote and highlighted their fight for this basic right.

President Alvi bemoaned the lack of election voting machines, pointing out that their existence may have lessened the current difficulties and drawing attention to the widespread skepticism surrounding the results of the most recent election. He expressed disappointment with the accountability process and a lack of confidence in its efficacy.

“The elections are causing controversy around the nation today. These issues would not have arisen if the EVMs had been implemented,” he said.

President Alvi emphasized his dedication to electoral reform, espousing the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs) and automated vote tallying. He disclosed that although the administration of his party attempted to put in place EVMs, the plan was turned down.

Invoking the life of Socrates to illustrate the significance of making decisions based on principles, President Alvi reflected on the larger lack of leadership in tackling national concerns. President Alvi emphasized the need of honesty and conviction in leadership, drawing comparisons to Socrates’ self-sacrificing act for his convictions.

In addition, he advised the leaders of all political parties to focus on the future rather than the past disputes, emphasizing that without unity, nothing would be possible. He also connected foreign investment to political coalitions.

The president’s comments highlighted important problems with Pakistan’s governance structure and election system, highlighting the necessity of change and moral leadership to successfully handle these obstacles.

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