Elections 2024: Armed Forces and Civil Deployment Plan Disclosed

Under Article 245 of the Pakistani Constitution, the Pakistan Armed Forces are expected to be vital to the smooth running of the election in 2024.

In order to handle any possible security issues, the Pakistan Army, functioning as the fast reaction force, would be stationed as the third layer in particular areas. The police are primarily in responsible of upholding peace and order throughout the election, with the Civil Armed Forces—which include the Frontier Corps and Rangers—handling security during the second phase.

The Army’s deployment as the third layer in the general polling regions complies with Articles 220 and 245 of the Constitution, as well as relevant provisions of the 2017 Elections Act and the Anti-Terrorism Act.

A safe atmosphere would be created via the joint efforts of Pakistan Army personnel and Civil Armed Forces to enable the efficient operation of polling staff, presiding officers, returning officers, and district returning officers during the election process.

To be more precise, Civil Armed Forces will protect the printing press throughout the manufacturing of ballot papers, guaranteeing the security of the printing procedure as a whole.

The Pakistan Army and the Civil Armed Forces will handle tiers two and three of maintaining security, respectively, with the police in charge of tier one duties.

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