Everything you need to know about Forms 45, 46, 47, 48, and 49 for the 2024 elections

ISLAMABAD: Tight security will surround Pakistan’s general elections, which are scheduled on February 8.

A constituency’s results are filed using a variety of forms during the election process. Here, we’ll attempt to examine the significance of the many forms that are essential to the electoral process.

Form 45: The “Result of the Count” is how people usually refer to it. The polling place’s number, the name of the constituency, the total number of registered voters, the total number of votes cast, and a thorough breakdown of the votes each candidate earned are all included in the Form 45.

Using Form 45, candidates may independently confirm the votes they have received.

Form 46: This form gives information on how many ballots were submitted at the polling place, how many were taken out of the vote boxes, and how many ballots were cancelled, disputed, or erroneous. Form 46 also contains details on any anomalies in the voting procedure.

Form 47: Regarding the unofficial results of an electoral constituency, Form 47 includes the total number of votes rejected as well as the breakdown of votes cast for each candidate.

Form 48: Form 48, which contains the total number of votes cast for every candidate in a certain constituency, is essential in the production of election results.

Form 49: The final and official election results are included on Form 49, sometimes referred to as the Gazetted Form.

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