Farq Episode-11 and 12 Review: Defying all odds Kamal finally marries Irsa

Despite agreeing on her father’s marriage, Ayzel has not accepted Irsa

7th Sky Entertainment production drama serial Fraq is now 12 episodes down. The story is although engaging but it seems odd and inappropriate at so many levels. A man marrying his driver’s daughter and that too almost the age of his own daughter. Performances are all good. In the previous episode we have watched that Kamal decides to marry Irsa. In the lasted set of episodes, it is shown that defying all odds Kamal marries Irsa.

Well why and how Kamal has made up his mind to marry Irsa is not shown and it is not making any sense. Marrying Irsa for the betterment of Ayzel is certainly not what Kamal is thinking. He is marrying the girl almost of her daughter’s age that too is a daughter of his own chauffeur. His decission is certainly seems out of lust, or maybe Kamal has done that so that he can save himself from any further dramas of Faiza.

Faiza’s lunatic scene is a horrific scene where she is screaming her heart out and more than that she tries to harm herself on which his brother has timely saved her. Rashid is resolute that he is not going to let Kamal live in peace. However in front of Kamal, Rashid is posing as if he is happy with his decision after showing his brief disapproval. Rashid is just a snake in guise of a friend.

Kamal finally marries Irsa defying all odds. Irsa is more than happy to get married, all she has in her mind is expensive dresses, shopping and money. One feels sorry for Jamshaid but his character is not that impactful in fact he is so much type cast in such kind of roles. Kamal on her wedding night tells Irsa that now she is the queen of the house but she should not expect love from him what does it mean? Then why he has married her? Absurd!

Ayzel despite of the fact that she has said nothing to her father on marrying Irsa but she has not accepted her and her reaction is justified. Irsa is merely of her own age how come Kamal expects her to accept Irsa as her step mother? Ayzel spares no chance to insult Irsa. Kamal is being really nice with Irsa and it seems like she is happy enjoying her luxurious life in that house. The story is not making any sense at all? Why Kamal married Irsa? This question must need to be addressed! It is so hard to watch Kamal romancing with a girl of her daughter’s age. Overall engaging!

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