Farq Episode-15 and 16 Review: Ayezal is trying to create differences between Kamal and Irsa

The story doesn’t make any sense at all!

7th Sky Entertainment production drama serial Farq airing at Geo Entertainment is a play which is defying logic and makes no sense at all. Performances are all solid but when the characters and story don’t gel well then they seem wasted too. In the previous episode, we have seen that Kamal is a bit possessive about Irsa. In this episode it is shown that Ayezal is being malicious she is trying to create differences between Kamal and Irsa.

Ayezal has not accepted Irsa how could see? She is almost her age and the daughter of their driver so how could we expect her to accept Irsa as her mother? Her behaviour is justified but now she is being malicious, she intends to create differences between Kamal and Irsa. She is posing in front of Kamal as if she has accepted Irsa but in front of Irsa, she humiliates her all the time taunting her to be the daughter of a driver.

Kamal asks Irsa to get ready and wear a sari as they have to attend a party. Irsa’s mood brightens up as Kamal was not talking with her properly because of Ayezal lying. Irsa is ironing the saari by the way she has no house help who could do that for her. Ayezal creates a scene and her sari gets burnt. Poor Ayzel was crying over that burnt sari when Kamal enters. He offers her to wear one of Shamsa’s sari as if Irsa has only one sari and that gets burnt. Weird!

Irsa is looking very beautiful in that sari, Kamal notices her but it is not like he is smitten by her. Kamal’s character is not making any sense at all! We still cannot understand the reason why Kamal married Irsa. Irsa and Kamal go to Rashid’s party and there they come to know that Faiza is getting married to Sajjad. Faiza is still giving sinister vibes.

Irsa gets a call from Bano who is asking her for help by giving her one lac rupees. Ayezal overhears her conversation as she is loudly talking in the lounge she could have talked in her bedroom. Ayezal, out of nowhere, goes to  Bano’s house and gives her one lac rupees while she had taken 5 lacs from her father. Does one wonder how come Ayezal knows Bano’s address? Irsa could have asked Kamal for the money telling him that her best friend needs help but no she does not do that. Irsa gets shocked when she comes to know that Ayezal has given Bano the money. Ayezal has conveyed Kamal lying that Irsa has sent her to Bano’s place to give her money. Will this be going to create further differences between Irsa and Kamal?

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