Farq Episode-3 and 4 Review: Kamal covers Irsa’s fake identity

Irsa’s father beats her badly on hearing rumors about her affair with Jamshaid

7th Sky Entertainment’s production newly started drama serial Farq is now 4 episodes down. The play somehow manages to gain our interest despite of the fact that the story has no novelty. Faysal Qureshi’s new avatar as Kamal is really quite impressive. In the previous episode, we have seen that Irsa is lying about her identity posing in front of her friends that she is super rich. In this episode, Kamal helps Irsa to cover up her lie.

Irsa’s fake persona has led her into big trouble when her friend demands her to show her house. Irsa is completely baffled she has no idea what to do and her friend is insisting on she takes her to the house. Irsa’s father takes him to Kamal’s house and tells the maid to pretend as if he is the owner how unrealistic it sounds. Irsa should not have taken her friend to Kamal’s house she should have told her the reality.

Irsa taking her friend to kamal’s house and then to her daughter’s private chambers to show her friend Ayzel’s wardrobe is such a wrong thing to do. However Kamal when finds out instead of scolding her, tries to cover her lie in front of her friend. Kamal is too good to be true than not just that he invites the father-daughter to his lunch table and he dines with them.

Ayzel’s reaction to seeing Irsa and her father dining with her father at the same dining table is quite justified. She actually loses the cool when she sees her wardrobe door open. She insults Irsa and she deserves this behavior but Kamal asking Ayzel to apologize is quite a stretch. Well, take a look at Kamal’s household he really needs someone to check on his domestic staff as stealing money and manipulation going within the staff.

Irsa’s life is a mess, her father beats her badly on hearing the rumors about her affair with Jamshaid. Well, some people are calling the guy Jamshaid and Irsa’s father is calling him Jamil so much confusion going on. Jamshaid seems to be truly in love with Irsa but she is not showing any inclination as she is scared of her father. Kamal finds her daughter being frank with a male friend on which he loses his cool and slaps her hard, later he regrets it. However, in another situation, he again feels let down by his daughter when he sees her smoking. Ayzel is not a smoker she is doing a dare. Will Ayzel’s attitude is making Kamal have second thoughts about marrying again? as he thinks that he is not good enough for her, and she needs a mother’s care.

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