Farq Episode-5 and 6 Review: Arif is fancying to marry off Irsa to his sahab Kamal

On the other hand, Kamal’s best friends directly tells him to marry his sister Faiza.

7th Sky Entertainment Production drama serial Farq is quite an unrealistic story however it is powered by best of performances. Why it is always important to show Faysal Qureshi marrying girl much younger than his age? In the previous episodes we have watched that Kamal covers Irsa’s fake identity. In this episode it is shown that Arif is planning to marry off Irsa to his Sahab Kamal!

Kamal is now quite convinced that it is difficult to manage Ayzel alone she needs a mother’s supervision and so is his house. He talks directly about it to her daughter who says that it is his right to marry so she cannot stop him from marrying but she restricts him that he cannot marry Aunty Faiza. In the following scene Rashid himself tells Kamal to marry his sister Faiza. But Kamal gives no reply.

Arif when hears about his master’s plans to remarry he starts cooking a plan in his head. To be honest it sounds so absurd for him to fancy that his Sahab is going to marry his daughter. He is merely his driver and Kamal’s kindness and good behavior has spoiled him so much so that he starts fancying to marry off Irsa to his Sahab! Arif is so confident that he already told Irsa that he will be marrying her off to Kamal.

Irsa has developed some sort of feelings for the guy in her lane Jamshed, who keeps stalking her all the time. The actor playing the role of Jamshed, Raeed Muhammad is type cast in similar lover next door roles. Irsa’s lying to her friends about her status seems too far fetched it is so easy to judge anyone through their sense of dressing and the phone one carries still her friends are dumb enough to believe her. Irsa’s fake identity gets busted when she forgets her phone at University and her friend goes at Kamal’s house to return her phone.

Kamal refuses to marry Faiza as Ayzel has not approved her. She is right Faiza seems so fake and her conversation with his brother suggests that they both are up to some planning. So is Arif! He is plotting to marry off Irsa to Sahab and he is so sure that he will marry his daughter. Kamal’s phupho is on a mission to find a match for Kamal and they both are on the way when Arif starts his fake heart attack drama. It seems that Kamal will going to fall in Arif’s trap because of his kind heart.

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