FBR extends the deadline for submitting sales tax returns.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has announced a four-day extension of the deadline for filing tax returns in an effort to make things easier for taxpayers.

As per the announcement made by the top commissioner of Inland Revenue, the deadline for filing sales tax and federal excise returns was extended from April 18 to April 22.

This ruling provides a comfort to taxpayers who might need more time to obtain the required paperwork and make sure their taxes are filed accurately.

The extension intends to simplify the tax filing procedure and provide people and companies plenty of time to meet their tax responsibilities without feeling unduly pressured.

All field formations of the Federal Bureau of Revenue have been directed by the Chief Commissioner of Inland Revenue to distribute information regarding the extended deadline and guarantee adherence to the updated submission timetable.

To prevent any potential penalties or legal difficulties, taxpayers are urged to take advantage of this extension and promptly submit their taxes. To support the nation’s efforts to generate income, the FBR is still dedicated to helping taxpayers and encouraging voluntary tax compliance.

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